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Peter Levy

I believe that serendipity can reward the artist if one can accept the necessary yet unnerving lack of control. This notion underpins my philosophy of making and is reflected in practically all my art these days.

Alex Archbold

I have been working in glass for about ten years – initially traditional stained and leaded glass, but rapidly extending into a wide range of techniques, including fusing, slumping, kiln casting, sandblasting and printing on glass.

Stella Harding

With an interest in exploring materiality and craft processes Stella manipulates line into complex abstract structures and intriguing geometric forms using three dimensional construction techniques derived from basketry.

Rachel Reynolds

Rachel creates an innovative collection of hand, screen and digitally printed textiles and artworks for the domestic and commercial interior.

Nora Fok

Nora Fok is an artist maker of jewellery specializing in nylon monofilament. Her work has sculptural qualities as well as being suitable jewellery pieces for the female body. She uses traditional hand craft techniques of knitting, knotting, weaving and looping to construct her pieces.

Kate Bishop (Kroma)

Kate Bishop is the founder and director of creative brand Kroma which represents Kate’s identity as a freelance designer. The brand focuses on surface design and products for the home and office as well as women’s fashion.

Kas Williams

My work is a response to what interests and engages me in the world. It’s an exploration into colour, pattern and texture, using shapes and vibrant colours to create playful surfaces and structures.

Eileen White

Eileen White is a craft based visual artist, living and working in Winchester, Hampshire. Her practice is rooted in textiles and printmaking in the broadest sense with an interdisciplinary approach to her work.

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