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Making Space is proud to be associate with so many amazing makers from across the U.K.

If you’re a local professional maker and are interested in joining our Associate Maker Scheme please click here to find out more.

Nicola Crowson

Nicola is an Architect and designer who explores textile mappings of place She specialises the representation of architecture through the themes of narrative and drawing and teaches architectural drawing and design at the University of Portsmouth School of Architecture.

Cabrini Roy

Cabrini Roy is a Fareham based luxury ready to wear fashion designer. She creates innovative & bold silhouettes whilst staying true to her love of minimal style.

Julia de Klerk

Julia is jewellery designer-maker based in Hampshire. She creates colourful pieces inspired by bold patterns and graphic elements.  Now working under her self named business she stocks her work to a number of independent shops and art galleries in the UK and Europe including the Tate Modern and Tate Online.

Alice Kettle

Alice Kettle is a contemporary textile/fibre artist based in the UK and has established an internationally regarded unique area of practice. Her stitched works, many the size of huge figurative tapestries, exploit the textures and effects made possible through the harnessing of a mechanical process to intuitive, conceptual and creative ends.

Agata Wojcieszkiewicz

My art is something more than exact depiction of the reality. It is my personal expression of thoughts and feelings, resulting from a perception of surrounding world, ruled and filtered by unknown processes from the subconscious parts of my mind. Following my instincts and intuition, I experiment with different techniques and media in order to be able to free myself from academic boundaries and distinguish my individual language.

Alex Archbold

I have been working in glass for about ten years – initially traditional stained and leaded glass, but rapidly extending into a wide range of techniques, including fusing, slumping, kiln casting, sandblasting and printing on glass.

Ami Hyde (Mia Mai)

Mia Mai is a creative company based in Southsea, launched in 2007 by Ami Lowman. Specialising in beautiful and inspired illustrations, fashion & lingerie garments & unique jewellery. Inspiration comes from days gone by, traditional tattoos, pin up culture, vintage undergarments & forgotten trinkets.

Amy Gaudion

Amy Gaudion is a contemporary figurative painter, continuing her artistic study and practice in MA Painting. Her current work focuses on Fairy Tales. Through her paintings, she is exploring Fairy Tales in a modern context and how women are portrayed within them. The fascination with storytelling shows no signs of abating.

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