Associate Makers

Making Space is proud to be associate with so many amazing makers from across the U.K.

If you’re a local professional maker and are interested in joining our Associate Maker Scheme please click here to find out more.

Rachel Reynolds

Rachel creates an innovative collection of hand, screen and digitally printed textiles and artworks for the domestic and commercial interior.

Nora Fok

Nora Fok is an artist maker of jewellery specializing in nylon monofilament. Her work has sculptural qualities as well as being suitable jewellery pieces for the female body. She uses traditional hand craft techniques of knitting, knotting, weaving and looping to construct her pieces.

Kate Bishop (Kroma)

Kate Bishop is the founder and director of creative brand Kroma which represents Kate’s identity as a freelance designer. The brand focuses on surface design and products for the home and office as well as women’s fashion.

Kas Williams

I have a profound love of colour and the lyrical energy and exuberance it provokes. Colour to me is a feeling at the heart of everything I create and my work is an expression of all that I see and experience in the world around me.

Eileen White

Eileen White is a craft based visual artist, living and working in Winchester, Hampshire. Her practice is rooted in textiles and printmaking in the broadest sense with an interdisciplinary approach to her work.

Catharine Russell

Catherine Russell is a Hampshire based ceramic artist who specialises in making sculptural objects from fabric dipped in slip.

Ami Lowman (Mia Mai)

Mia Mai is a creative company based in Southsea, launched in 2007 by Ami Lowman. Specialising in beautiful and inspired illustrations, fashion & lingerie garments & unique jewellery. Inspiration comes from days gone by, traditional tattoos, pin up culture, vintage undergarments & forgotten trinkets.

Agata Wojcieszkiewicz

My art is something more than exact depiction of the reality. It is my personal expression of thoughts and feelings, resulting from a perception of surrounding world, ruled and filtered by unknown processes from the subconscious parts of my mind. Following my instincts and intuition, I experiment with different techniques and media in order to be able to free myself from academic boundaries and distinguish my individual language.

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