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Making Space was asked to be a part of the Climate Unity Project organised by Hampshire Services in 2021. This project was a continuation of their sucessful ‘Our Climate Change Forest‘ project which took place in 2020-21.

This project aimed to address a range of perspectives on the climate issues facing us all and provide opportunities for those standpoints to be expressed through the medium of Art. The project aimed to engage the community in disscussions about climate unity and organised a series of installations across the county, which are now on show for the duration of the summer of 2022.

What Making Space offered?

We hosted a variety of sessions & workshops that coincided with this project and teamed up with local artist and weaver Alice Hume to lead them. Over 8 sessions, 31 individuals created artworks which are now on display at Staunton Country Park in their Storey Gardens.

Alice taught 4 sessions as part of our Reach out project and a further 4 sessions on our ASTM weekly sessions. The artworks made comprised of a circular form and used recycled & natural materials to be symbolic of the planet and ideas about eternity and inclusion.

“The circle is a universal symbol with extensive meaning. It represents the notions of totality, wholeness, original
perfection, the Self, the infinite, eternity and timelessness. Embedding ideas about Climate Change, eternity, protection
and inclusion”

Below are a series of images taken of the artworks installed at Storey Gardens. 

If you’d like  to visit Storey Gardens and see the work in situ, along with other work made by a local school please click here.

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