About Nicola Crowson

Nicola is an Architect and designer who explores textile mappings of place. She specialises the representation of architecture through the themes of narrative and drawing and teaches architectural drawing and design at the University of Portsmouth School of Architecture.

Nicola stitches and draws maps of place to recreate textural landscapes. The work is made of an accumulation of drawings, textiles and photographs layered to take advantage of the translucency and texture of the materials. Stitch forms an integral part to the surface and story of the work. The content shifts scale, abstracts and are not designed to be static.
The resultant work is varied and always place specific and gives a textural impression of place.

My current collaborative project is with fellow artist Tina Wallbridge-Bird we are working on mapping and translating the Corsetry history of Portsmouth and exploring the masculine and feminine city.

Drawing/ architectural models/ 3 dimensional thinking/ stitching/ digital drawings.

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