About Peter Levy

I believe that serendipity can reward the artist if one can accept the necessary yet unnerving lack of control.
This notion underpins my philosophy of making and is reflected in practically all my art these days.

Still working within the accidental and random, the challenging journey of taking a serendipitous approach to 3 dimensions culminated in a range of raku fired boats where the use of specialised glazes flood over the work in an uncontrolled manner. Colour and effect battle with size and form that extend away from the immediacy of the surface they float upon. The worn and weathered effectively captured in this specialised process with underlying Japanese philosophy of ‘Wabi Sabi’ and reflecting the ever changing nature of the sea.

This particular style of painting is broadly termed ‘mixed media collage’. With this technique an initial foundation of collage is flooded with colour. Areas of interest are worked on with further additions of collage, drawn into with dip pens and oil pastel until a balance is reached between the controlled and the uncontrolled. The use of the brush is avoided. A postage stamp is always included in the collage element as a trade mark, this might become obscured by further collage but deemed part of the process. It is always there whether visible or not as part of the intrigue that is built up by this layering effect. Collage elements vary from that day’s newspaper, the mail that arrived in the post, tissue paper, wrappings and other useful materials that by chance are about.

The subject matter for the works are mostly but not always, maritime. The locations are only a starting point, sketches and photographs help with construction ideas but the serendipity of the collage itself is encouraged and worked with, this has the effect of taking away detail of the scene and pushing it towards the representational where space and colour take on more importance.

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