“I just wanted to say a massive thank you for all the support and kindness shown to my son whilst he has been exploring different expressive techniques on the Reach Out programme.

This is a space where he feels comfortable and accepted. I do not have to struggle to get him out the door for this programme which can happen with most activities or days out. He knows that he can go at his own pace and that it is ok to have a go and be unique and creative. Through coming on this programme, it has enabled him to try new activities at school. He was able to get on a Controlling Worries Group during July & August and this combined with his confidence at Making Space activities has really helped his confidence and ability to sometimes include himself. He loves coming to Making Space.

We did try another art programme last year but my son hid himself in a cupboard! He blossoms on the Reach Out programme and is able to be himself rather than a distressed person not able to communicate or be in the room with others. I was so proud to see his work on Wednesday and he was so proud to show me and take me through each item created. 

I just wanted to share what a massive impact the Reach Out programme has made on our lives.”

Parent of a participant who attends our Reach Out workshops

“I have been practicing gilding for over 10 years. However, most of my work was elsewhere, on site, as I could only do a little bit from home. From the moment I rented a studio at Making Space, my workload increased significantly. I am now able to entertain clients at a venue secure in the knowledge that I have a professional storefront. The help and guidance I’ve received from the management and other artists, has given a tremendous boost to my confidence and understanding of arts in the workplace. Not only am I more involved with the community, but I have a personal area where I can safely leave my work in situ until the next day without worries about jammy fingers being spread all over it! As a result, I have had my professional life boosted in every possible area. To me, it’s not just a studio to practice my raft, it is being part of a centre of excellence with other passionate individuals and their unique skills that has made such a huge difference in my life.”

Richard Walker, Current Tenant

“The life drawing group are made to feel incredibly welcome. The studio space is always well-organised, clean and tidy, with friendly, approachable staff. Making Space is very flexible with business requirements supporting the artists positively. The artists, ranging from beginners to experienced, from amateur to professional, have all benefited from being part of a purpose-built artist community. This has enabled both the group and the individual artists to go from strength to strength.”

Private Hirer

“Just had a T-shirt screen-printing party for my daughters 9th Birthday party and 9 of her friends. We have done the discos, magician & playzones parties in the past but we wanted something different so I decided to give it a go. I was worried that the 2 hours we had would be far to long and that the kids would get bored but in fact the time went very fast and everyone had a fabulous time and they left with a t-shirt they had designed themselves. Everyone at making space was fantastic and extremely helpful and I will definitely use making space again. Thank you to everyone involved.”

Wendy Parkinson, Hired space for a Bespoke Party

Members of staff from Wiley and Sons, Chichester, came to Making Space for a staff away-day, working with jeweller Sarah Macrae.

“We had a fantastic team outing to Making Space where we all made Keum-Bo necklaces. The workshop spaces and teaching were exceptional and we all loved our finished necklaces. I would recommend Making Space to any business for a great team building experience.”

Jane Glue, Marketing Executive, Wiley and Sons

“Inspirational, nice to know this all happens locally.”

“Lots of opportunities to develop. Can enjoy a positive way of keeping busy while learning.”

Visitors to Making Space

“Inspirational, nice to know this all happens locally.”

“Lots of opportunities to develop. Can enjoy a positive way of keeping busy while learning.”

Visitors to Making Space

“Inspirational, nice to know this all happens locally.”

“Lots of opportunities to develop. Can enjoy a positive way of keeping busy while learning.”

Visitors to Making Space

“The thing I enjoyed the most was being taught the techniques then having the freedom to make whatever I wanted with that knowledge.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed having some ‘me’ time, really enjoyed the day – thank you.”

“The teacher was fantastic, she had a very warm and relaxed approach. It was also lovely having some time to be creative in a friendly environment and getting some time off from being a mum!”

“What did I enjoy the most? Learning a new skill from a structured and professional tutor with like-minded people.”

“Really well run course and the pre-course info and booking was really good too.”

“Very enjoyable – socially and educationally.”

Participants of Adult Classes at Making Space

“It was great to see the end result of my work even when I found it hard.”

“I really enjoyed it today. Thank you for letting me come!”

“It was very messy and fun.”

“It was brilliant.”

“I hope this happens again some time.”

“I had fun, you were helpful.”

“I wish we could do this every day.”

“Out of all the activities I have done this summer, this one was the best.”

Young Participants from Making Space classes

“I had such a great day teaching on Saturday, I can really feel my confidence growing and that is largely because of Making Space and your support – so thank you!”

Making Space Tutor

“Out of all the venues that employ me as a freelancer, Making Space have always been the most professional, supporting and welcoming. I enjoy every experience I get the opportunity to teach there and their resources, space and team all add to the quality and uniqueness of the venue.”

Making Space Tutor

“As a freelancer, teaching sewing workshops, I have always found the Making Space studios a very positive experience, all the staff and volunteers there are always supportive and very helpful. The studios are well lit, spacious, and have a really lovely atmosphere with everything you need to hand; the whole space is very creative which encourages new students to want to be involved. In one word EXCELLENT.
As a freelancer working off site with Making Space, the team support you with advertising, getting venues and coming along to help and encourage you, as new projects are sometimes hard to get going.”

Making Space Tutor

“Thank you for such a warm welcome from everyone at Making Space.”

“I love my T-Shirt and had the best day.”

“I am delighted to have found an activity that my son is not only willing to go to but actually looks forward to, thank you Jo and everyone that helped him.”

“This has been a much needed break for my wife and I.”

“Loved it and can’t wait until the next one!”

“Wish I could come here everyday.”

“Everyone had nice friendly faces, I had fun and I like my star T-Shirt.”

Participants of Reach Out Classes

”The best bit was taking part in an activity as a family, which was simple and low cost but very rewarding.” 

“It was great to get the kids interested in making stuff, spending time without any of the distractions at home and having lots of space and all the equipment there.”

“I have taken my children to a lot of workshops – this was by far the best. The teacher, the venue and the other staff were all FANTASTIC – we could have stayed for at least a week.”

Parents of children on Family workshops

An ongoing collaboration with the Wessex YOT (Youth Offending Team)

“The Award Project works with Young Offenders and provides opportunities for young people aged 14-18 to gain their Duke of Edinburgh’s Award. We use Making Space on a regular basis for art sessions within our Life Skills Programme. The sessions at Making Space are always fun and enjoyable and the staff always approachable and helpful. We love that the sessions are accessible to all, even those who may not consider themselves ‘arty’. The young people are encouraged to be creative, explore an idea or topic and produce something that they have made from start to finish with their own hands. This helps develop problem-solving skills, planning, patience and creativity.”

Kirstie Morris, Project Development Worker, Awards for All

“Making Space run a wide range of sessions which are able to suit all sorts of ages and abilities. The staff were all really friendly which helped to create a fun-filled atmosphere for everyone who took part. The children definitely learned a lot with regards to creativity and eagerly showed me what they had made. There were no complaints, and in many cases they signed up to take part in the afternoon sessions too. It was nice to have smiling staff, and on the occasions I was able to pop into the sessions, all children were fully engaged. In the future, I would definitely use Making Space and would recommend them to anyone.”

Lauren Carter, Summer Scheme Coordinator at Park Community School

“The studio’s at Making Space are modern, bright and airy, I could instantly see myself working there! Having my studio at Making Space has made a huge difference to my practice; my business sales increased and I’ve been taken more seriously as a professional practitioner as well as a workshop leader. The dedicated space has enabled me to experiment and try out new ways of working that I was restricted in doing so before; this has improved the quality of my work significantly. Since I began my studio lease I have felt much more independent, confident and happy and it has given me the boost to push myself further.”

Kate Bishop, Previous Tenant

“Being able to walk in and have everything; from equipment, fabric and ideas to hand allowed me to get straight on with my work, I had less distractions and better concentration whilst working. Making Space gave me the freedom to be creative, network and expand professionally. Having more space to work on pieces independently meant increased productivity, greater creativity and my practice developing. Since I got my studio I have had more confidence in my work”

Caitrin Dudfield, Previous Tenant

“I really enjoyed the Open Studios Weekend – What a nice change to spend time with creative friendly people in such a lovely environment”

Alice Du Port – Volunteer

Making Space is a great place to hold a workshop – the purpose built facilities have everything you need and the space is light and airy. You are always assured a warm welcome. Kate O’Connell is such an inspirational teacher, gently guiding us through the craft of Fused Glass whilst still challenging us to try new techniques and ideas.

Judith McArdle, Private Hirer


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