Use us as YOUR Making Space

We know there are lots of creative people out there, many of whom struggle to find room to pursue their passion. Being relegated to the dining room table to create your next masterpiece is not ideal, and filling your bedroom with works in progress is not conducive to inspiration, or a good night’s sleep!

Our professional makers know how important it is to have their own creative space, with room to spread, away from distractions, so that they can get their work done and go home to relax. It doesn’t matter whether you are a full time crafter or just working on projects in your spare time, a creative space is a must.

As a purpose-built venue dedicated to craft, we want people to be able to use our spaces for any craft activities. For most people their making is not a full-time pursuit so investing in a professional studio is not appropriate. So we have spent the summer thinking about how we can open up our spaces so that everyone can enjoy them. We have reduced and simplified our prices, implemented online booking and introduced hotbenching in our jewellery studio.

We want Making Space to be filled with creative activity, all day, everyday and we hope our new rates and additional opportunities can make this happen. So, whether you want a single jewellery bench for your own projects, or want to teach your craft to a larger group, we have the space for you. You can even hire our workshops for a party or a work away day, and we can organise a specialist tutor to deliver a session for your group.

Take a look at our revised hire charges, and head on over to the booking page to start your creative journey with us.

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