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What is Making a Start?


Making a Start is a programme run by us that allows emerging makers to firmly take control of their next career steps and make the choices right for them in earning a living through their craft . Beginning in this year, it is a dynamic combination of tailored placements, specialist mentoring and peer support. 

How will the programme work? What are its key features?
Making a Start will be a six-month programme of fully funded placements which includes personal development sessions, peer support and professional mentoring. Mentors will be drawn from the world of business, craft and the visual arts and will meet with the participants every month to ensure there is continuity of support in enabling everyone to realise their potential and plan for success.

Participants will be able to work towards their practical and creative goals. In just six months, they can  set goals, develop an action plan and develop their CV and portfolio. They will also be able to strengthen their interview and personal skills and find new ways of showcasing their work. As well as these practical advantages, participants can nurture their creative development with access to shared studio space. Everyone will be invited to showcase a piece of work in the window gallery of Making Space.

Who can apply and what will they gain from the programme?
Making a Start is aimed at new makers aged 16 and above. They may be a a school leaver studying art at A Level who wants to explore other options than a degree, for example, or someone setting up a business after having been made redundant.

The programme will give support and guidance in helping emerging makers find work, progress their education, set up their business, build their professional networks or develop their teaching. It will provide then with the professional stepping stones they need to confidently begin their maker journey.

By the end of the programme, each attendee will will be clearer about next steps, and have a better awareness of educational, career or personal development opportunities in their craft area.

How can I apply for Making a Start?
We aren’t yet taking applications but email to let us know you are interested.

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