Young Designer: At Home – Activity #1

Normally at this moment in my week I would be setting up for my Young Designers weekly course but as we’ve had to cancel the last 2 sessions of the Spring Term and so many of you are stuck at home I thought it would be fun to share with you some activities you can try at home… We would also LOVE to see what you create so if you have a go, make sure you send us photos, comment on this post or share on social media and tag us in them…

Tonight for our first Activity I thought I’d do this simple fashion design activity…

What you’ll need: 

*A sheet of A4 paper.

*A body template (see below)

*Some pens

*some objects from around the home / garden


Use a template of a body and objects found from around the home / garden to create inspiring outfits and looks… be creative and use your imagination… you can use leaves, flowers, feather and things found in the garden, you could use scraps from the kitchen (don’t waste food… but anything going in the bin / compost is great!) or odds and sods from your craft / activity box…. felt shapes, buttons, sequins… really the only limitation is your imagination.

We’ve popped two body outlines below too, or you can create your own or get one from google (search body outline template)

Watch a short video demonstration which shows the process or check out the examples below for more inspiration….

Check out these brilliant examples created by Belle Haly during a previous Young Designers class. She’s used, petals, leaves, dried flowers, food scraps and colourful matchsticks, fabric scraps and paper flowers!


Templates for bodies.

Click on the links at the bottom of the page which will link you to an online template, or don’t forget you can make your own… OR head to google for LOTS of other options!

We’ve also created 2 x Children templates too for any young people that want to have a go and want more of a cartoon body template.

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