Young Designer: At Home – Activity #2

Wow… I don’t know about you but that week has whizzed by for me! I hope you’ve all had a good week at home and have stayed in and stayed safe! It’s Tuesday again so I’m back with another Young Designers activity that you can try at home… Don’t forget we’d also LOVE to see what you create so if you have a go, make sure you send us photos, comment on this post or share on social media and tag us in them…

Tonight for our second activity I sharing another design activity but this one inspired by creative collage…

What you’ll need: 

*A sheet of A4 paper.

*A body template (see below)

*Some pens/pencils (and a rubber if you’d like)

*scissors (or a cutting knife/mat if you’d prefer)

*glue stick

*stack of old magazines


Flick through the magazines and rip out cool / inspiring bits of clothing / accessories or objects. Don’t worry if they all ‘go’ or are different sizes just get lots of bits that you like. Once you’ve got a nice collection cut the bits out more precisely using scissors or a knife/mat.

Once you’ve got all your pieces play about with creating ‘a look’ don’t worry about difference in sizes… that’s all part of the fun! Once you’re happy with your design stick it all down using a glue stick.

You can now have a go at doing a fashion illustration inspired by the creation! Use a template and sketch the clothes first, then fill in all the body parts that would be showing. Once you’re happy with your pencil sketch go over with pen and then add colour using pens, pencils or paint!

And that’s it… you make lots of different ones, or design a whole collection!!

We’ve popped a body outline below too, or you can create your own or get one from google (search body outline template)

Watch a short video demonstration which shows the process or check out the examples below for more inspiration….

Templates for bodies… Or don’t forget you can make your own… or head to google for LOTS of options!

And here’s the finished sketch and some other examples! Have fun…

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