Young Designers: At Home – Activity #3

Another week and although it’s technically half-term I didn’t not want to set an activity this week for Young Designers so here goes…

This week is a design challenge with a difference. You are going to be designing a collection of 4 outfits but there’s some rules about choosing the inspiration for your collection. They are going to be inspired by a colour palette and a design theme. You’ll start with a moodboard and then you’ll be illustrating and colouring the collection by hand… Don’t forget we’d LOVE to see what you create so if you have a go, make sure you send us photos, comment on this post or share on social media and tag us in them…

What you’ll need: 

We will be including amazon links to materials incase you need to buy any materials but you should have most things you need at home. Please note – by making a purchase through the links below, Making Space will receive a small commission, so you will be helping raise funds us as well!

*Some sheets of A4 paper.



*Some old magazines

*Drawing Pencils


*Black Drawing Pen

*Coloured pens or Sharpies


First up you need to choose your inspirations and I have come up with a fun way to do this…

First choose your colour palette: Using the initial of your first name choose from the list below:


Now obviously that’s your main colour inspiration but you can also use similar colours… i.e., for RED you could also use RUST, BURGUNDY, DARK ORANGE, ROSE, SCARLET & PINK as they’re all tonally in a similar colour range.

Second choose your design theme: Use the month of your birthday and choose from the list below:

JAN – Shapes & Unusual proportions / FEB – Sporty & Urban / MARCH – Circus & Costume / APRIL – Street & Grunge / MAY – Nature /  JUNE – Animal Print & Ethnic

JULY – Evening Wear & Red Carpet /  AUG – Uniform & Office /  SEPT – Nautical, Beach & Underwater /  OCT – Halloween /  NOV – Winter Wonderland /  DEC – Festive, Sparkle & Glitz.

Now you’ve got your collection inspiration… it could be Blue/ethnic & Animal print   or   Green/Halloween…

If you don’t like your selection you can of course choose your own but this unusual combination will push you out of your comfort zone and make you try something different.

To start with you’re going to create a moodboard. A moodboard is something designers use to help visualise their inspiration for their collection… To make one flick through some old magazines and rip out anything that inspires you / matches your colour choice / theme. Once you’ve got enough images to fill an A4 page you can then cut everything out neatly.

Using a blank page of A4 paper arrange the images till you have a nice composition. You can then transfer them to a new sheet and stick them down using a gluestick.

Now you’ve got your moodboard you can now start designing your collection…

Use a 4 x body template (see below or create your own) and start by drawing the clothes first. Press lightly with the pencil (so you can rub out if you change your mind) If you feel confident start designing straight away using the template underneath your blank bit of paper. If this feels a little daunting you can come up with some ideas first on a separate bit of paper. Keep referring back to your moodboard and copy garment shapes, patterns or things you’ve cut out… at the end you should be able to see the moodboard inspiration reflected in the final designs!

Once it’s all sketched out in pencil trace over the lines with a black illustration pen (I linked the one I used above) and then rub our all your pencil lines. Try and keep your pen lines smooth and confident… this looks neater then sketchy lines!

You can now start adding colour. don’t forget what your colour palette was… I would suggest selecting a range of pens / pencils that fit into your colour palette first and then work from there… colour your collection in taking your time and stop when finished. You should now have a beautiful designed and illustrated collection and complimentary moodboard… If you enjoyed that you can go back and choose another theme / colour and start again!

I’ve popped a collection outline below, or you can create your own or get one from google.

Video Demonstration (time lapse)

Watch a short & speedy video demonstration which shows the process or check out the examples below for more inspiration….

And here’s my finished moodboard and illustrated collection:


Here’s the template I used for my collection:


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