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Makers’ stories

Our makers are a collection of professionals who care passionately about their craft. They’ve hired a studio at Making Space for a long while. They’re our people.  


We’ve got to know them and the objects they make. Do take a few minutes to read their stories below and find out what makes them tick. If you’d like to keep in touch with our maker news, courses and help, please sign up to our maker newsletter at the bottom of the page. 

If you would like to find out about other ways you can use our creative spaces, please check our room hire page

Our makers

Kelly Ottesen | Studio 11

Ceremicist, maker, resident

Kelly is a ceramist and folk artist specialising in hand-built sculpture and ceremonial ceramics. A teacher, facilitator and  storyteller with a passion for traditional crafts. She has been working with and teaching ceramics for twenty years, in and around the Portsmouth area.  Kelly takes inspiration from organic forms and colours. Her work is highly textured using foraged natural materials. Kelly is a small batch potter, each piece created with care, investing her intention in to each part of the making process.

Hannah Horn | Studio 12

Illustrator, maker, resident

Hannah is a fine artist/illustrator. Her work draws inspiration from the natural world, while incorporating surreal and often fantastical elements. With an eye for composition and utilising a combination of paint and highly detailed pen and ink line-work, she creates elegant and beautiful images. Originally studying Fashion Illustration at London College of Fashion, Hannah has gone on to create artwork for publishing, advertising, fashion and branding. Her work illustrating Katherine Rundell’s The Explorer earned her illustrator of the year at the Children’s Book Awards 2018.

Sharon Justice | Studio 13

Jeweller, maker, resident

Sharon is a designer/jeweller, working predominantly in silver, she uses diverse techniques ranging from forging, roller printing and etching to woven metals.  Often surface decoration, semi-precious stones, patination, and gold are used to accent her work.

Helena Symes | Studio 13

Jeweller, maker, resident

While I was studying for my degree in Fine Art (Painting) I discovered a love of geometric forms, clean lines and colour. I have since travelled extensively in India and it was there where I began my jewellery making journey. I studied with a jeweller in Rajasthan over several years and continued to expand my knowledge and skills on my return to the UK. .
The discoveries I made as a painter continue to inspire my jewellery designs. I like to challenge myself when making pieces and enjoy incorporating other materials where I can. I work mainly with sterling silver and anodised aluminium, both hand dyed and upcycled elements.  

Julian Jeremy | Studio 14

Milliner, maker, resident

Julian is a Hampshire-based British milliner who specialises in handmade bespoke hats and headpieces.

Richard Walker | Studio 16

Gilder, maker, resident

Richard studied gilding at the University of Portsmouth and has now been gilding for over ten years. As well as teaching the fine art of gilding to participants of all levels he now practises a full range of professional gilding services including for internal and external works, surface design and consultancy, heritage and architectural works, as well as gilding for interior design and historic monuments. Richard offers a range of classes in gilding, you can contact him here for more information.

Kathryn Green | Studio 17

textile artist, maker, resident

Kathryn Green is a freelance textile designer and lecturer. Her life and work experiences are diverse; each one contributing to her development and personal understanding, which she draws on for her textiles. Kathryn is currently exploring the traditional Japanese process of Shibori, which is a technique that uses methods of resistance within the dyeing process.

Kathryn Green graduated in 2007, with a First Class Honours degree in Fashion and Textiles. Since then she has been working as a freelance textile designer and lecturer in further education. Her life and work experiences are diverse, each one contributing to her development and personal understanding, which she draws on for her textiles, as she states, “I am my experiences.”

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