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Russi Dordi

As well as working in watercolours and acrylics, Russi’s main focus now is ceramic sculptures that are created and fired using the ancient Japanese Raku method. Although this method originated in Japan it has been heavily modified by Western potters over the years and he has taken up this latter way of working with clay. It is exciting and unpredictable, qualities he enjoys.

He uses watercolours mainly for representational work although his selection and use of colour is very personal and does not conform to what you might observe.  He also uses it, due to its extreme fluidity for some work which is more abstract. The origins of his abstract watercolours, and indeed acrylics, will almost always have been one of his representational landscapes or a figure study.

Acrylics he uses mainly when working on large canvases, and the subject matter is usually inclined to be more abstract, and once again it allows him to use colour very freely.


Russi Dordi was born in Bombay and moved to England in 1955.
He has exhibited extensively in the U.K. and has his work in several private collections & commercial galleries. He was a member of the East Kent Art Society (Canterbury) and the National Society (London).
He won a Daler Rowney Prize at the Bankside Gallery, when he exhibited there at the Royal Watercolour Society’s ” Open Exhibition.”

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